Hello, my name is Wren! I’m a Midwesterner currently living in the Pacific Northwest with my two fluffy cat-children. During the day, I’m a graphic designer for a small retailer. At night, I’m a professional ruminator and ice cream fiend.  

I’m on a journey to re-connect with my creative side, which you can read about here. I started A Bird of Passage to serve as an outlet, a medicine to take the edge off my perfectionism, an excuse to get off the couch and make something. It’s my hope that this little piece of internet-pie will help inspire creative growth, because we could all use the motivation to live a more creative life!

What inspires me to create? Beautiful typography. Hand lettering. Manual forms of printing, like silk screening and letterpress. Nature. Animals (I love almost every critter on this planet. ALMOST, but not all…) Really moody landscape photography. Cute office supplies, like those notebooks you get that are so pretty, you’re afraid to write in them. Travel. History.

Want to know more about me? Aw-shucks! I’m an Aquarius who is passionate about good design, animal rights, environmental conservation, and international human rights - which is why I studied both Graphic Design and Global Studies! I have a strange obsession with cryptozoology (I really love sasquatches) and everything supernatural. When I’m not begrudgingly handing over my paycheck to bills, I stuff cash away so that I can travel. Visiting other countries and experiencing different cultures is something I’ll never regret, no matter what it costs! I also volunteer at the local zoo, so you will see some fun animal photos popping up on here from time to time.

Still want to know more about me? Let’s connect! You can follow me on social media, or send me an email.

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