Big News!

Jeff and I have been sitting on some really exciting news these past few months, and I felt it was finally time to let the cat out of the bag. We’ll be trekking to Portland this September to take part in the Artist Alley at Rose City Comic Con! Jeff will mostly be selling his artwork (he’s an amazing illustrator), but we’ve paired up to collaborate on a few projects, and I’m really excited to share this experience.

Illustration is not my strong point (unless you’re a fan of stick figures and frumpy-shaped cats – then I’m a modern Picasso), so I’ll be contributing some of my finer skills to help Jeff out. We've worked together to conceptualize some impressive projects, which has led to me becoming Jeff's personal project manager for the time being (he really needs me). I've also offered to take some of his illustrations to the next level by screen printing them!

It's been almost a year since I've stepped foot in the studio to screen print (I'm really embarrassed by that). I've always loved the graphic look of screen prints, so I took a class last year at Pratt Fine Arts Center. I'm now a member and have access to studio space, but because I've been dipping my hands into other creative adventures, I accidentally let screen printing slide off my radar... Partnering up with Jeff on his comic con projects was a great excuse to get my butt back into the studio. And oh boy, was I rusty! I can’t count on one hand the number of times we failed during our screen prepping stages (damn photo emulsion), or during the registration phase (transparency, you bitch). But I’m really glad I didn’t give up - we pushed on to make some prints we are really proud of, and I learned a hell of a lot on what to NOT do when printing.

I don’t want to post detailed photos of our final prints, because we want them to be somewhat of a surprise for comic con in September. But you can probably tell that they are prints of some popular female comic characters! Jeff illustrated some of my favorite ladies – Bat Girl, Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, and his favorite – Miss Marvel. We plan on printing more comic book ladies, probably some of the awesome X-Men women.

I’ll be posting more on our comic con projects as they progress. If you are in Portland between September 10-12th, please stop by our booth and say hi! And if you can’t make it to the convention but are interested in buying some prints, we’ll have some extras up online.

All photos taken by Jeff and edited by me.