Inspirational Friday #2

It's almost September already! Where has this year gone?? Here's what's inspiring me in August.

Still dreaming about my future home office. It's going to be light and bright, like this space! (I'll take that skull print, too)

Mary Kate McDevitt is one of my favorite lettering artists!

Great quote on this poster (I'm a sucker for inspirational quotes).

Maiden Voyage is one of my favorite Etsy shops! This shirt is featured in my profile picture.

Waiting for this artist to restock her shop, because I LOVE these intricately painted animal totems. I need them all!

Looking at sketches by Leah Goren gives me screen-printing ideas! Animals + screen print = love

I've been in the mood for vectorized drop caps!

And last but not least, I'll leave you with some words of wisdom.

What has inspired you this week? If you're digging this post, follow me on Pinterest for more! Happy Friday!

Inspirational Friday #1

I'd like to introduce the new monthly series, Inspirational Friday! Just like the title hints at, for one Friday a month, I'll post handpicked designs and products that are creatively inspiring. It's no secret that I love good design, and I've been hoarding such things over on my Pinterest account for a few years, which is where I’ll pull the majority of my picks. So please follow me on Pinterest if you like what you see!

I'm digging the clean and simple hand-lettering. Plus, I bet we all feel this way about our jobs from time to time!

This snake illustration is beautiful! I love the mix of light and dark colors.

I need this ceramic chubby cat miniature. It would look so cute on my desk!

This fancy Y has me brainstorming ideas for my own drop cap series.

More simple and clean hand-lettering, this time in ink.

I'm dreaming of the day when we move into a bigger place and I can have my own office!

I've been into clean, geometric designs lately, like this lovely planter made by a Seattle local.

Words to live by. I have this print hanging at my desk.

I could doodle cats all day long. And I'm a crazy cat lady.

And there you have it, Inspirational Friday #1! What has inspired you this week?