Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Babs Levine!

In late January, Jeff and I had the opportunity to photograph local celebrity and raconteur, Miss Babs Levine! To those not in the know, Babs is a known associate of our friend Kevin Harris - who was mysteriously absent when Babs turned up in her finest. Taking her place in front of the camera, her only requests were a cocktail and that we remain on her good side. After assuring her that every side was her good side, we got underway.

It was a fantastic shoot with a fabulous lady. Though it was the most fun we’ve had shooting in a long time, life got in the way like it is apt to do. After five months of work deadlines, life changes, and any number of petty distractions, we finally got down to business with these files. And here they are! Better late than never, right (sorry!!)?

We actually owe a lot to Babs’ friend and associate, Kevin, because he introduced us to each other nearly two years ago. I got a text from him asking if I’d be willing to help out with his talented (Jeff made me write that) friend’s personal photo project (scroll down to see me transforming into Kevin), and that is how I met Jeff!

Even more than usual, this project was a team effort. Jeff and I took turns shooting, directing, and editing the photos. When one of us was shooting, the other was posing, when one was fetching the soda, the other was drinking them, and all the while Miss Babs Levine stood around for 4 (or was it 5?) hours looking marvelous. We took hundreds of photos, but have culled them down to just a handful of favorites here. The rest are going straight into the manicured hands of Miss Levine, and I’m sure you’ll see more of them in the future.

For those of you who don’t know about the Divine Babs Levine (shame on you!), take 5 and check out her videos. You’ll thank me. Babs is the funniest, sexiest, and most entertaining 78 year old I know. She is charming and campy, and this lady can perform the hell out of a lip-sync! That's why we thought the best way to show off her personality was with bright colors and loud expressions. Enjoy!  

-Wren & Jeff