Have yourself a merry little...

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing Holiday Season! December was a very busy month. Jeff and I almost moved into a bigger space (but pulled the plug last minute), work was hectic (retail + holiday season = lots of long hours and headaches), and I took a three week letterpress class at Pratt Fine Arts Center.

The class was a lot of fun, and was my first official time experimenting with letterpress machines. As a small group we designed and printed two different Christmas cards, which I wanted to share with you (better late than never?).


I managed to sneak a few pictures of the process and have compiled them into a slideshow below with brief explanations.

Jeff and I also did a quick family portrait session in our living room so that we'd have photos to send in our cards. The cats were not having it...

Happy New Year!

A Photo a Day with Project 365 | Days 1-3

I first saw Project 365 on a few blogs I actively follow. I always thought it looked like fun, and that it was something I'd be interested in doing. Now that A Bird of Passage is up and running, I feel even more motivated to start and complete my own Project 365.

Anyone can do Project 365. There isn't a set of rules to follow, it's simple. Take at least one photo a day for an entire year. Most people like to share their photos on a blog, instagram, tumblr, or other forms of social media. The subject of your photos can be anything, and you can use any type of camera you have, even the camera on your phone.

What I love most about this project is that it challenges you to work on your photography skills, and come up with interesting subjects to photograph. I'll be documenting the camera and lens I use for each photo for learning purposes.

Project 365 | Days 1-3

1 | 365  Milo enjoys a nice glass of wine on Thanksgiving (my other cat, Delta, is a grey blob in the background).

                      Photo taken with Canon 5d mk III camera and f1.8 50mm lens

                     Photo taken with Canon 5d mk III camera and f1.8 50mm lens

2 | 365  Awesome cards and badges at one of my favorite stores in downtown Seattle, Paper Hammer. I LOVE their letterpress work and can't leave the store without a handful of goodies.

                      Photos taken with iPhone 6

                     Photos taken with iPhone 6

3 | 365  A few letterpress prints I picked up at Paper Hammer, and my favorite 'Fucking Brilliant' notebook. I am very much a type nerd.

                      Photos taken with  Canon 60d  camera and f1.8 50mm lens

                     Photos taken with Canon 60d camera and f1.8 50mm lens

So there's my first 3 days of Project 365. Normally I'd like to make one blog post a week showcasing 5-7 days worth of images, so keep an eye out! If you'd like to see more, I'll also be posting images on my instagram, facebook, and pinterest accounts.

Is anyone else currently doing Project 365, or completed it before? Please share!