Photo Roundup: August

Hello! Here I am with another monthly series: Photo Roundup! Some of you might have been around last year when I tried my hands at Project 365, where you take photos every day for a year. I only lasted a few weeks before realizing I just didn’t have the time to continue. Bummer, right? I might try Project 365 again in the future, but in the meantime, I’m going to post my photography once a month. The goal is to force myself to use my camera more so I can continue learning. Between our volunteering at the zoo and some fun trips coming up, I’ll have lots of opportunities to blow the dust off my DSLR!

Meet Eduardo, the three-banded armadillo! He was out on display during a Zoo fundraiser,
and I couldn’t stop snapping photos of him. Too cute!


I went to an organic dairy farm with my friend over at The Mobile Monger and got
up close and personal with some baby cows!


The Seattle LGBT community held a vigil in June after the Orlando nightclub shootings. I was very moved by all the people who showed up, filling the park to show their support.


My cousin’s kids are so much fun! We got to spend some time with them in late June during our family vacation in Iowa.


I still have a ton of camera cards to clean out, but I hope you enjoyed this batch of photos. I'm flying back to Minneapolis at the end of the month to go to the Minnesota State Fair (corn dogs, yay!). I'll be excited to share some of those photos with you next time! Is anyone else messing around with their camera and trying to figure out their style?