Women's March | Seattle

I am so glad I was able to take part in the Women's March this past weekend, and very inspired by the huge numbers of people who marched all across the globe! Seattle was estimated to have hit between 130-170k participants!

I spent the night before the march cutting up construction paper to create my sign and was excited to show it off! But let me tell you, holding a sign in one hand and a camera in the other is not easy, and trying to snap photos of the crowd while walking was challenging.  'Event Photography' isn't really my cup of tea, but I gave it a shot (haha, shot, haha) and tried my best. I feel I was able to capture some of the energy that was bouncing off the huge crowds.

Directly below is my co-worker Susie and me with my big blue sign. We marched with my boyfriend, his co-worker, and her husband. It was great seeing a lot of famiilar faces along the way!

Did anyone else march? I'd love to hear about your experience. I know it's a day we won't ever forget!

Photo Roundup: August

Hello! Here I am with another monthly series: Photo Roundup! Some of you might have been around last year when I tried my hands at Project 365, where you take photos every day for a year. I only lasted a few weeks before realizing I just didn’t have the time to continue. Bummer, right? I might try Project 365 again in the future, but in the meantime, I’m going to post my photography once a month. The goal is to force myself to use my camera more so I can continue learning. Between our volunteering at the zoo and some fun trips coming up, I’ll have lots of opportunities to blow the dust off my DSLR!

Meet Eduardo, the three-banded armadillo! He was out on display during a Zoo fundraiser,
and I couldn’t stop snapping photos of him. Too cute!


I went to an organic dairy farm with my friend over at The Mobile Monger and got
up close and personal with some baby cows!


The Seattle LGBT community held a vigil in June after the Orlando nightclub shootings. I was very moved by all the people who showed up, filling the park to show their support.


My cousin’s kids are so much fun! We got to spend some time with them in late June during our family vacation in Iowa.


I still have a ton of camera cards to clean out, but I hope you enjoyed this batch of photos. I'm flying back to Minneapolis at the end of the month to go to the Minnesota State Fair (corn dogs, yay!). I'll be excited to share some of those photos with you next time! Is anyone else messing around with their camera and trying to figure out their style?

Here's to a productive 2016

It's a new year, and for most people, that means setting new goals. I make a list every year, and even though I don't always reach them, I still think it's important to list your goals as a way of organizing your priorities. I have personal, health, and financial goals. Like a lot of people, my list includes losing all the weight I put on last year, and paying off credit card debt. But I'll spare you those details.

More importantly, I want to focus on two things in 2016: traveling and creating (more). Traveling is extremely important to me, but because of big changes over the last few years (graduating, moving across country, getting a full time job, ect), I haven't had time or money to do it as much as I'd like. I wrote about re-connecting with my creativity recently, and want to make sure I continue focusing on that this year, too.

This year I am spending my vacation time responsibly, and planning a trip out of the continent for the first time in 3 years. I'm not for sure where I'll go yet. It's a hard decision, because I only have so much vacation time! I really want to return to Europe for a more 'tourist' vacation, or return to Japan (I loved visiting in 2010). But part of me wants to shake things up and go somewhere completely new. A trip centered around wildlife and the outdoors would be amazing. I might look into volunteering with some conservation nonprofits overseas.

Aside from traveling overseas, I want to travel around the Pacific Northwest more this year. I live in a beautiful state and there are so many places to explore. I want to hike more, take pictures of landscape, try car camping, rent one of those fancy tree houses in the middle of a forest, explore the Olympic peninsula, hike around one of the many mountains. I just want to spend more time outside.

I started to re-connect with my creative side towards the end of 2015. This year I will continue working on that. I'm still battling my perfectionism, and have to admit that it's still getting in the way at times. I have to remind myself that done is better than perfect (or better than nothing). To continue exploring my creative side, I'm lining up some fun classes at the School of Visual Concept and Pratt Fine Arts Center. I'm also going to push myself to actually use my Skillshare account (three months in, and all I've done is save over 100 classes to watch later). Jeff has been toying around with the idea of selling art at one of the comic conventions in the PNW. If he lines something up, I'd love to partner up and maybe screenprint some of his illustrations. I could use the practice...

What important goals will you work on this year? For anyone who lives in the Pacific Northwest, if you comment below with some places that you like hiking or taking pictures at, I'd really appreciate it!